Glass Frit


for AMOLED panel & OLED Light


YEK Glass offers a large range of glass frit products.

Glass frit powder and paste is used as inorganic sealant in order to seal AMOLED and OLED panels. A glass-based seal will reliably protect them from moisture and air, creating what some call a “Perfect Seal”. Our products feature superior laser absorption, high sealing strength and printability, which is ideal for low temperature local heat sealing.

Application AMOLED, OLED Light etc.
Specifications Powder type, Paste type
Printing Method Screen printing
Sealing Method Heat-sealing by Laser Sealing Equipment

• Organic Sealant VS Glass Frit

Organic sealant Glass Frit
Air Tightness Low High
Working Temperature <300℃ >300℃
<400℃ >400℃
Reaction No Reaction
Curing Method UV curing, Heat curing, etc. Heat curing, Laser Hardening

•Introduction of Laser Sealing Process



[Sealing Process using Laser equipment]

• Facility Characteristics

LASER  800nm, 60W
Focal Length  Approx. 70~75 mm
Beam Spot size  0.5 ~ 1.5 mm (option)
Stroke  200(x)x200(y)x50(z) mm
Moving type  Linear Servo Motor & Ball Screw
 Resolution  0.5um (x, y, z)
Repeatability  ± 1um
Max Speed  400mm/sec
Manual Align  ± 0.5 °

• Traditional Encapsulants VS YEK Glass’ Pb-Free Glass Frit

Traditional Encapsulants YEK Glass’ Encapsulants
Pros + Variety of applications

+ Precision less important for deposition

+ Ideal for localized heating

+ Great for materials with low heat resistance

+ Rapid sealing times (seconds)

Cons Difficult to apply localized heating

Bonded materials must have high heat resistance

Slow sealing times (hours)

Limited range of elibile materials