Glass Frit for AMOLED panel & OLED Light

 It is the in-organic encapsulation sealant for the OLED and laser encapsulation process of the OLED light. More →

Glass Frit for LED Encapsulant

list_ceramic  The transparent ceramic sealants for high-power, high-brightness LED. More →

The Perovskite Solar Cells

That of the same crystal structure as calcium titanate (TiCaO3)
Various properties including the electromagnetic property develop.More →

Glass Wafer

제목 없음-12015 New challenge at New Industry Semiconductor & Automotive components. More →

Glass Wafer for MEMS sensor
– via hole/cavity type

5 Our distinctive glass molding and processing technology offer unique solutions for the semiconductor and MEMS industries. More →

3D Curved Glass

6 A three-dimensional process is possible while maintaining the transparency. More →

Insert Forming

7 It is also possible to include metal terminals while forming. More →

Thermal Transfer Printing

8 It is the transferring technique of applying the heat to the specific printed papers. More →

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