Glass Wafer


Glass Wafers

YEK Glass offers a wide range of glass substrate wafers for use in a wide variety of industries.

Application Anodic Bonding
Wafer-level Chip Scale Package Glass Interposer Si Carrier Wafer
Thin Glass Processing
Material Quartz
Soda lime
Borosilicate (Eagle XG/Borofloat 33)
Alkali free glass
Others available on request.
Diameter (mm) 50(2″) – 500(20″)
Thickness (μm) 300-15,000
TTV (μm) ≤2 (standard) / ≤1 available
Polishing grade Standard / Optical grade /Special grade
SEMI flat/notch (mm) SEMI spec.
Edge Grinding C-shape, R-shape
Chamfering Optimized chamfer profile for glass wafers (SEMI spec.)
Edge exclusion zone 6 mm
Packaging Clean room packaging
Packaging unit Min. 10 pieces