What is Lead-free Glass Frit ?
ALead-free Glass Frit is made up of powder glass(status of glass powder) and other several types of powder.
High intensity and air tightness are its priorities, and it is used as sealing or coating material for protecting to invade from other materials.
What is the difference between glass sealing materials and resin sealing materials?
AGlass sealing material has better durability and heat resistance than resin sealing materials.
What is a laser sealing?
AIt is a sealing method that can heat locally only to the sealing portion.
Unlike the sealing method of heating the entire substrate, heating speed is fast without the thermal damage to the non-sealing portion.
What is the bending glass?
AIt is bent by the heat.
Since our products could be bent while maintaining the transparency of the glass, you do not have to do mirror polishing to the glasses.
Does the bending glass take place after certain processes such as R Corner or cutting faces?
AR Corner or cutting faces are processed before bending. Improvement processing is done after bending.
Could complex shaped glass be made?
APlease feel free to contact us by all means.
Is it possible to enquire regarding the quotation?
APlease contact us through Q&A page or at infor@yamato-elc.co.jp. We will advise accordingly after checking with the specification.

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