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  • Semicon West 2018

    July 10-12, 2018 - Semicon West 2018

    @ Moscone Center,  San Francisco, California YEK Glass returned to Semicon West for 2018, demonstrating our new products and innovations, including in proprietary glass molding and chemical etching. We also debuted our Phosphor-in-Glass (PiG) for white LED conversion.
  • Semicon West 2017

    July 11-13, 2017 - Semicon West 2017

    @ Moscone Center,  San Francisco, California YEK Glass exhibited at Semicon West 2017, demonstrating our wide range of capabilities for the Semiconductor and other related industries. With particular focus and interest in our proprietary glass molding process, Semicon proved to be a tremendous success for YEK Glass.
  • Exhibition_2015

    CEATEC2015October 7th - 10th, 2015 CEATEC Japan Exhibition

    Key Technologies / Next Innovation / Lifestyle & Society
    We have successfully achieved 2015 CEATEC exhibition. Highlighted was our glass frit for MEMS sensors, as well as our curved glass could be molded to meet our customers’ needs. YEK GLASS plans to challenge the limit of the glass in also 2016.
  • Exhibition_2014

    ceatecOctober 7th - 11th, 2014 CEATEC Japan Exhibition

    CEATEC JAPAN has been highlighting the cutting-edge achievements in IT and electronic technologies, and presenting the “NEXT” products, services and contents based on these cutting-edge technologies, aimed at the lifestyles, industries and societies of future. YEK GLASS attends CEATEC exhibition annually.

Frits and Sealants

Glass powders made without compromise

More →

[Glass Frit]

Lead-free, low temperature, and RoHS friendly. 

Glass Forming

Innovative methods to push the boundaries of glass  and  glass microstructuring

More →

[Precision Glass Forming]

Glass forming technology that keeps up with even the most difficult standards. 


Class-leading thermal transfer printing technology

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[Thermal Transfer Printing]

Our printing technology provides high durability and resolution.


Glass Frit for AMOLED & OLED

Low temperature encapsulantion sealant for the OLEDs and laser encapsulation process of the OLED light. More →

Glass Frit for LED Encapsulation


We are developing “The transparent ceramic sealants for high-power, high-brightness LED” More →

Perovskite Solar Cells

Promising a more durable bond for upcoming solar cells. More →

Glass Slide for Microfluidics

YEK Glass offers a large range of glass substrate wafers for a wide variety of industries. More →

Glass Wafer for MEMS Sensor

Ultra precise forming for glass wafers using our unique process allows for previously impossible designs. More →

Insert Forming

Glass + Metal, formed to your exacting dimensions. More →

3D Curved Glass

Three-dimensional processing while maintaining the transparency of glass. More →

Glass Filter Processing

A wide range of optical filters to match your specifications. More →

FAQ’S & News

  • What is glass frit ?

    Glass frit is glass powder used as a sealant or as a means to bond glass wafers.

    YEK Glass specializes in Pb-free (lead free) frit glasses for use in low temperature applications, prioritizing bonding strength and hermeticity as well as transparency. It is available as a paste, powder, or preform.

  • What is the difference between glass sealing material and resin sealing materials?

    Glass sealing material has better durability and heat resistance than resin sealing materials.

  • What is a laser sealing?

    Whereas typical sealing methods require the whole component to be heated, laser sealings is localized, allowing for sealing to occur only where the bonds are necessary.
    The result is quicker bond without causing thermal damage to non-sealed portions of the device.

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