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Strictly in quality, provide our customers with trust and assurance.

because we are able to..

-improve the quality through continuous improvement without compromise.

-build systems which could foresee and prevent the possible concerns in advance.

-solve problems and achieve goals as promote to communicate actively with partners.

-identify our roles and act responsibly and with respect.
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  • Exhibition_2014

    ceatecOctober 7th - 11th, 2014 CEATEC Japan Exhibition

    CEATEC JAPAN has been highlighting the cutting-edge achievements in IT and electronic technologies, and presenting the “NEXT” products, services and contents based on these cutting-edge technologies, aimed at the lifestyles, industries and societies of future. YEK GLASS attends CEATEC exhibition annually.

  • Exhibition_2015

    CEATEC2015October 7th - 10th, 2015 CEATEC Japan Exhibition

    Key Technologies / Next Innovation / Lifestyle & Society
    We have successfully achieved 2016 CEATEC exhibition. Our products attract concerns in this exhibition because our glass frit, MEMS sensors, especially bending glass could be molded to meet our customers’ needs. YEK GLASS will challenge the limit of the glass in also 2016.


Special material made of a unique technology

More →

[Glass Frit]

lead-free material retaining a common characteristic of the glass

Glass Forming

Excellent finished in sole technology artifacts

More →

[Special Glass Forming]

Our Glass forming technology could apply to various fields of industries.


Excellent thermal transfer printing technology

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[Thermal Transfer Printing]

Our printing technology provides high durability and absolute resolution.


Glass Frit for AMOLED panel&OLED light

It is the in-organic encapsulation sealant for the OLED and laser encapsulation process of the OLED light. More →

Glass Frit for LED Encapsulant

list_ceramic We are developing “The transparent ceramic sealants for high-power, high-brightness LED” More →

Perovskite Solar Cells

Various properties including the electromagnetic property develop.More →

Glass Wafer

제목 없음-12015 New challenge at New Industry Semiconductor & Automotive components. More →

Glass Wafer for MEMS Sensor

 Manufacturing superprecision forming glass for glass wafer of MEMS is possible by the unique glass forming technology.
More →

Insert Forming

 It is also possible to include metal terminals while forming. More →

3D Curved Glass

 Three-dimensional process is possible while maintaining the transparency. More →

Thermal Transfer Printing

8 It is the transferring technique of applying the heat to the specific printed papers. More →

FAQ’S & News

  • What is the Glass Frit ?

    Lead-free frit glass is made up of powder glass(status of glass powder) and other several types of powder.
    High intensity and air tightness are its priorities, and it is used as sealing or coating material for protecting to invade from other materials.

  • What is the difference between Glass sealing material and resin sealing materials?

    Glass sealing material has better durability and heat resistance than resin sealing materials.

  • What is a laser sealing?

    It is a sealing method that can heat locally only to the sealing portion.
    Unlike the sealing method of heating the entire substrate, heating speed is fast without the thermal damage to the non-sealing portion.

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